Thursday, 25 March 2010

Crazaaay kids

Right, so I noticed my posts seem to be getting very fashion-orientated so I felt like throwing something serious atcha. Basically, about 2 weeks ago my brother was speaking to me about this 'MCAT' drug that's aparently all the rage at the moment. Before you jump to conclusions, no he is not on it - he had been discussing it in one of his college lectures. Since he brought it up, it seems to be everywhere. I've heard of several people in the lower years of my school who aparently take it all the time because it's easier to get than alcohol. I'm not an expert on it, so forgive me if I'm wrong, but as far as I am aware it's some sort of plant food? Call me a prude but I can't really understand how something that is used as a plant food can appeal to anyone, as well as the fact that it makes you experience severe paranoia and it is possible to hallucinate dying. I may just not be down with the kids anymore but I don't know anyone who has a fetish for experiencing their own death. What shocks me though is how young the people in my school who take it are: on the walls of the first year toilets - yes, first year (12 and 13 year olds) - it says "I love MCAT", with responses mostly consisting of "me too". However, I did laugh and would happily applaud the person who responded with "mink". What made me laugh even more though, was when the girl wrote back to defend herself, writing "How are you a mink if you take MCAT?". I love it when people have these ridiculous conversations on toilet walls, I find them weirdly amusing. By the way, I was only in these toilets because our normal ones are horrible, not because I enjoy tormenting first years.

Anyway, this is probably quite a boring post so far so here's a link for Chezza Cole's live lounge cover of 'Fireflies', have a laugh at how bad it is. Although, I do love her leather vest thing that she's fashioning:
Moving on to good music, I would also recommend Them Crooked Vultures' session for Zane Lowe. It is incredible and I love Josh Homme, he is a legend:

I should have a film review for you over the weekend at some point because the gals are coming round to mine tomorrow night to watch Paper Heart. Maybe I'll throw in an outfit as well to spice things up. So that's something to look forward to ;)

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