Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Saturday & Sunday at T in the Park

Saturday was probably my favourite day band-wise but the worst day weather-wise. It rained most of the day but luckily we were in the tents for the majority of the time so we managed to avoid getting soaked. Despite being completely sleep-deprived due to the antics of the stag do next to our tent, the horrible weather, the fact that my hair was drenched in beer and I was covered in bruises from the day before, I really enjoyed Saturday. We moved about a lot because there were so many people we wanted to see but we still ended up missing so many bands I love, including Mumford & Sons and We Are Scientists, which I am still truly gutted about. However we did manage to see Kate Nash, Vampire Weekend, Paolo Nutini, Mystery Jets, Laura Marling and Julian Casablancas, as well as a bit of Dj Yoda (I know, haha), Fake Blood (who was rubbish) and Erol Alkan in the Slam Tent earlier. My favourites were Vampire Weekend, Paolo Nutini and Laura Marling simply because I love them and they were amazing live. I will admit I was quite disappointed with Julian's set, apart from The Strokes stuff, because I didn't really know any of his solo stuff and he came on late, meaning that his set was really short. Although we were right at the front and I did touch his shoulder so I was reasonably satisfied with that because he is a babe and I love him. However, Mumford looked amazing on the highlights so I regret not seeing them a bit but hopefully I'll get to see them at some point.

On the Sunday we didn't see that many people because the ones we wanted to see all ended up being on at the same time, which was quite annoying, but we did see Dizzee Rascal, Biffy Clyro and Jay-Z. Unfortunately there seemed to be some problems with the sound at the Main Stage for Dizzee and Biffy as well, which ruined both their sets. However, Biffy were still amazing, as always, and I'm going to see them again later this year anyway and Dizzee was pretty good too but, in my opinion, not as good as he used to be but that's just because I prefer his older stuff. A part of me wishes we had gone to see Babyshambles and The Cribs instead but I haven't seen any highlights of their sets and I'm not actually sure if Babyshambles turned up so I'm not going to dwell on it.

Anyway, I'm going out tonight and my friend is coming round in an hour for pre-drinks so I better go get ready. Here are the pictures and videos:

Kate Nash

Vampire Weekend

Paolo Nutini

Mystery Jets

Laura Marling

Julian Casablancas

Not zoomed in at all may I just add ;)
Biffy Clyro (Sunday)

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Friday at T in the Park..

So Hiya, it's been a while! Basically, the wireless in my house hasn't been working for ages which meant I had no internet on my laptop, hence the lack of posts for over a month! I can only apologise to anyone who even reads this blog. Luckily I'm back with a fairly decent post I would say as I have some pictures and videos from T in the Park. On the other hand, they aren't the best quality since my camera broke on the very first day there thanks to the nutters at the Radio 1/NME Stage and I had to use my phone scarcely because I wasn't able to charge it. It ended up running out of battery and refused to turn on again on the Sunday anyway so no pictures or videos from then either, sorry! Anyway, I'm going to split these posts into 2 separate ones: Friday and then Saturday & Sunday together since there's quite a lot. I'll start just now with the Friday.

To sum up, the whole morning was pretty much a complete nightmare: the queue to get into the campsite was massive, as expected, our bags were incredibly heavy, the campsite was packed so we had to walk for miles to find a spot to camp, we ended up camping right next to a stag do (god knows why they had planned a stag do at T in the Park anyway) and it was pouring with rain when we put up our tent so all our stuff was soaking and muddy, resulting in the tent being wet and muddy. As you can imagine, it was not the most delightful experience. However, when the time came for us to go to the arena, the sun came out and the weather ended up being lovely. We stayed at the Radio 1/NME Stage the whole time as my friend and I decided that it had the best line-up for that day - although I was pretty gutted about missing Editors as they looked amazing in the highlights. So we ended up seeing Kids in Glass Houses, The Temper Trap, Jamie T, Florence & the Machine and Black Eyed Peas. I wasn't that bothered personally about Kids in Glass Houses and The Temper Trap but I was quite surprised at how many of their songs I knew and they were both very good so I was impressed. Anyway, I'll stop rambling so here are the pictures and videos..

Jamie T

Florence & the Machine

Black Eyed Peas

It's not me screaming at the beginning by the way.

I didn't upload everything because it would get a bit boring but I'll upload my pictures and videos from Saturday and Sunday tomorrow since I only have one picture from Sunday before my phone completely died.