Thursday, 4 March 2010

Band of Skulls + Mumford & Sons

So I've been for my run, wasn't too bad. But that's not my point: I am currently in love with this song:

I love the progression in it and the raspy vocals, it's just such a brilliant tune. It makes me think of summer and festivals. Hopefully they'll be playing at T in the Park this year, I imagine they'd be brilliant live.

I also wanted to recommend my beloved Mumford & Sons. I love this band so much, even though they're fairly recent. The album is just incredible and I can't recommend them enough. Also, you should check out their cover of Cousins by Vampire Weekend, which is stunning:

That's all for now, peace out homeboiiizz x


  1. Hook you up with what suga? Band of Skulls or Mumford & Sons? Or both, if you're feeling wild? ;)