Sunday, 7 March 2010

Busy busy..

Ok, so I know I should be posting pretty much everyday as I'm new to this but I literally have had no time. Thankfully, I'm almost finished my pile of work now though, so I thought I'd do a quick post. Basically I've been making my way through this beast of a book my history teacher lent me for my extended essay:


Obviously I haven't read or attempted to read the whole thing but scanning through it for quotes has been a nightmare. Although, my history teacher did tell me she had read it, god knows how she got through it as it is 845 pages long. To be fair though, there's about 200 pages of footnotes at the back and a few pages of pictures. Despite that, it is still a beast of a book.

However, obviously I got distracted at times, and decided to rummage through my mum's wardrobe for some new/old clothes. I found an adorable knitted cardigan and a floral ankle length skirt, which I intend to turn into a cute little mini skirt for spring, with my mum's permission of course. I'll get some pictures up tomorrow, as I should probably be getting back to my history essay.

Lataaaz x

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