Sunday, 21 March 2010

Asher Roth + Outfits

Before I get to the outfits, I will share my current confusion with ya'll. I really have no idea why but for some reason Asher Roth seems to be involuntarily appearing everywhere in my life. First, I had a dream about him out of the blue where we were out for tea, but not in a date way. We just happened to be sitting in a restaurant together. It was one of those dreams that just sort of starts randomly and only lasts for about 5 minutes but it was still weird. Since then, he is cropping up everywhere. Every time I put my iPod or iTunes on shuffle, there he is, and baring in mind I only have about 5 of his songs I find this very strange. As well as that, I went on youtube on Friday and there he is again in my recommended videos. It was apparently recommended because I'd watched Dizzee Rascal's freestyle on Westwood's show ages ago (yes I know, I'm such a G). However, they are in no way similar in the sense that Dizzee raps at the speed of light and Asher Roth basically just talks with a bit of rhythm. Therefore, I am incredibly creeped out by this and would like it to stop, as I am not interested in my life being taken over by Asher Roth.

Anyways, I did end up going shopping on Saturday but I ended up having to start work earlier so I didn't have long. I took the picture of my outfit when I got home as I didn't have time beforehand. It was a nice day so I fancied wearing some light colours for a change:

Top: Topshop
Jeggings: Urban Outfitters (£9.99 in a sale!)
Denim shirt, belt & bag: Mum's

So, I ended up going round to my mate's house at night as well to watch a film and got changed as I felt too dressed up just to chill. We watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: it was veryyyyy long but not too bad. Although I think my mate was getting annoyed with my constant complaining about how long it was, haha.

Top: Diesel
Jeggings: Same as above
Nike iD's: Designed myself on the website ;)
Cardi, bag & scarf: Mum's

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