Sunday, 25 April 2010

She ain't a robot yo.

Marina Diamandis

As well as being a fan of her music, she is quickly becoming one of my new "style crushes". I had to search the internet for about an hour to try and find a picture of this jumpsuit before eventually finding it on her myspace page, typical. She wore it when she performed on Jools Holland last week but the picture is from somewhere else I think. Words cannot describe how much I love it and I hate the fact that I could never get away with wearing something like that. She is also incredibly stunning, further increasing my jealousy. Oh, and she was wearing this really cute teddy bear jumper dress when she performed on Frock Me, which was on tv earlier. I couldn't find a picture of it though, as it was just on this afternoon, but luckily I found this video on youtube where you can see it:

Anyway, this will probably be my last post until near the end of May because I really need to get revising for my exams, which start in around 2 weeks - scary. I'll try and do a couple here and there but they are likely to be very brief. However, I will be posting lots throughout summer to make up for it :)


  1. I love her style so so much :P

    Argh my first exam is thursday! D:

    good luck!


  2. I have one of their albums but I never realized she was so cute! She's like vintage MIA-ish.