Monday, 19 April 2010

I'll take you in pieces, we can take it all apart

Apologies for this post being later than promised, I'm just gonna blame it on the volcanic ash - it's severely affected my ability to function recently. Not really, I was just busy revising and watching the Formula 1, which was so good this weekend - very disappointed in Alonso's ridiculously obvious jump start though, he let me down. But I also didn't notice, until yesterday, how much of a babe Sebastion Vettel is becoming, he's not my usual type but he is adorable. He's also a brilliant driver by the way, I'm not that shallow. Anyway, I'll try and keep this post brief as I tend to ramble on and get really boring.

The XX

After knowing about these guys for a while, I was a bit skeptical about buying their album as I wasn't sure if I would be able to cope with a whole album in their genre. However, I had store credit for iTunes and, while browsing, noticed that their album had dropped in price to like £4.99 or something, I can't remember exactly. It is an amazing album and every song is so beautifully done. My favourites are probably Crystalised, Shelter and Basic Space but they are all lovely.


Sorry, I didn't have time to do an outfit picture as I literally had about 20 minutes to get ready when I got home from work before going out again. It wasn't a very interesting outfit anyway so you didn't miss out on anything. But anyway, I was quite surprised by the film, it wasn't what I was expecting really. I didn't have incredibly high hopes for it but it was actually really funny. However, there was a lot more killing and blood and guts then I was expecting - I was not prepared for it at all. Also, I wasn't aware you were allowed to say "the c word" in a 15 film, considering you aren't even allowed to say it past watershed on tv, especially since the girl who said it was only about 10, maybe 12 at a push. I don't really want to say much as I might spoil it or ruin the jokes but I would recommend going to see it, as it's really funny.

The Leader's Debate

Last but not least, the one you've all been waiting for. I'm actually really interested in politics and world issues so I apologise if not all of you are but you don't have to read what I have to say. First of all, I am in no way trying to influence those of you that can vote (I've still got about a year to go before I can unfortunately). Personally, I do not get David Cameron at all: I find his policies and his attitude completely ridiculous. In my opinion, he is a poncy twat. All he did, the whole way through, was repeat himself and quote all these people he supposedly met. God knows how he managed to make time to cycle all over Britain to meet this diverse group of people he was talking about. I also found it incredibly ironic how these "sources" seemed to back up every point he made. Most of all, I despise the Conservatives' plan to cap immigration, if they win the election. I understand that immigration is increasing and it could be a problem but would it not be easier to find ways of catering to immigrants by finding ways to create more jobs and more efficient housing where there are high percentages of immigrants rather than turning them away? I don't think it's fair that we have the right to deny someone a better lifestyle than the one they're living in. There's obviously a reason why immigration is high. I hate this attitude that people have towards immigrants here now. This whole "they're taking our jobs" belief is so pathetic. Generally, they work in the jobs that no-one here wants to do anyway because they have too much pride or are just lazy so, therefore, they have no right to complain. The fact that the opinion polls also suggested that the majority agree with David Cameron sickens me, it just proves how racist people in this country are becoming and it honestly scares me.
Overall, I found that Gordon Brown was the only one who seemed to know what he was talking about and actually make sense. However, I think he was trying too hard to be funny and improve his public image: I still don't understand why it's so bad in the first place though, I've never had a problem with him personally. Although I would give Nick Clegg credit, as I think he did quite well considering the fact that most people initially rule out the Liberal Democrats as contenders. Despite that, I'm still Labour all the way :)

Ok, so I tried not to ramble but I did anyway - I hope you know how much I condensed that last bit as well, I'm far too opinionated for my own good. I hope I managed to keep you reading though - I'll try and keep the content a little lighter next time, promise :)


  1. I still haven't seen it!! ;o aren't the conservatives in the lead atm?

  2. Hey there, Dear! Nice Blog! Basic space is definitely my favorite song on that album. I also liked crystalized and stars.

    Much Love,
    Your new follower Sam :)

  3. Crystalised is my favourite song. And teardrop. i love the xx.

    I admit, i didn't read the bit abot the politics, because i'd have no idea what you were on about. We aren't taught anything about politics at my school, and i don't really watch the news :P

    New follower! ;D