Sunday, 11 April 2010

I'll humbly ask for forgiveness

..for being rubbish at posting, as always. I'd also like to add that the title is not my own words (shockingly enough), it's taken from 'Heart and Soul' by Joy Division: one of my favourite songs by them. I've been in a bit of a 'rut' recently, as the Americans would say; or down in the dumps, in the words of my mum. I don't know what it is, I've just been really irritable and moody. You know when you get those days now and then where you just can't be assed with anyone or anything, well that's how I've felt for about a week. Therefore, I haven't really done anything - apart from going round to my friend's house for tea one night - including not revising nearly as much as I'd hoped, which I am incredibly annoyed with myself about. So basically, I've been sitting at home, wallowing in self pity, which I've found to be the best state to be in for writing songs - an amateur hobby of mine. I realise that this post isn't very interesting but I just wanted to justify why I haven't been posting much recently so there's your reason. And just to give a point to this post, here's a bit of Joy Division:

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